Bound To Be Of Use

One thing that annoyed the hell out of me once I got into heavy G.E.C.K usage was the multibound bug. Basically one of the many historical bugs in the G.E.C.K means you can’t see inside interiors (and some other features don’t work right either) if you have multibounds enabled in the .ini file, yet turning them off results in the game crashing if you go to one of the rare maps that use them. To work with multibounds you have to constantly switch the multibounds setting in your geckcustom.ini file on and off which means quitting the program, loading up a text editor, changing it, and then saving and loading it up again.

To try and mitigate this annoyance somewhat, I came up with the following little helper tool. It’s just a little batch file I kept on my desktop that manipulates two copies of the geckcustom.ini file so I could easily toggle back and forth between having multibounds enabled or not. To use it, just stick it and the two included .ini files in your My Documents\My Games\FalloutNV directory and double click on it (you can make a shortcut to it and put it somewhere handy such as the start menu, or edit the file to change the paths to be absolutes and stick the batch file where you want). It’s pretty self explanatory after this point, you’ll get a prompt asking what state you want multibounds to be in, at which you can enter 1 or 2 and it will do its magic. Load up the G.E.C.K and mod away! Keep in mind this WILL delete your Geckcustom.ini file, so if you have any weird setting in there, you’ll need to replicate it in both the included ini files.

Download Here

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One response to “Bound To Be Of Use”

  1. SommenRider says :

    Would you be able to reupload this too? Thanks!

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