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Cut Dead

fnvI thought I’d make a new post to draw attention to some of the new things I’d added to the FNV cut stuff document.

As I stuck it on dropbox you actually always see the latest version of what I’ve written the second I save it which makesĀ  a mockery of trying to offer any meaningful updates on what is new, but I’ll try and sign post any interesting things I’ve found now and again.

New stuff you can find in it currently:

Info on the “Void” creatures and the interesting spawning system for enemies that was abandoned.

A greater number of Rezzed map locations identified mostly due to the eagle eye and google skillz of Bobby in the previous post’s comments section.

Some info on legionary Alexus mainly due to the official strategy guide quietly being packed with innocous bits of small cut stuff that you don’t even notice until you read it twice and go “hang on, that’s notĀ  in the final game!”

Some info on Monte Carlo Suites and the cut Scorpion Gang quest.

Probably more things I forget.

To be honest I can’t see much more stuff coming to light now, I’ve exhausted a lot sources of info now, but you never know.

Let’s call this version 1.1

Read it here