Cut Dead

fnvI thought I’d make a new post to draw attention to some of the new things I’d added to the FNV cut stuff document.

As I stuck it on dropbox you actually always see the latest version of what I’ve written the second I save it which makes  a mockery of trying to offer any meaningful updates on what is new, but I’ll try and sign post any interesting things I’ve found now and again.

New stuff you can find in it currently:

Info on the “Void” creatures and the interesting spawning system for enemies that was abandoned.

A greater number of Rezzed map locations identified mostly due to the eagle eye and google skillz of Bobby in the previous post’s comments section.

Some info on legionary Alexus mainly due to the official strategy guide quietly being packed with innocous bits of small cut stuff that you don’t even notice until you read it twice and go “hang on, that’s not  in the final game!”

Some info on Monte Carlo Suites and the cut Scorpion Gang quest.

Probably more things I forget.

To be honest I can’t see much more stuff coming to light now, I’ve exhausted a lot sources of info now, but you never know.

Let’s call this version 1.1

Read it here

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69 responses to “Cut Dead”

  1. Bobby says :

    I think I’ve found Las Vegas Dunes:

    Nothing much of note there IRL it seems.

    • prodlimen says :

      When I read in the cut content about Las Vegas Dunes I got excited because I thought inmediately in the Dunes Hotel and Casino.

      I’ve explored a lot the game files and found a set of hotel pieces that somehow resemble a little the structure of the Dunes…not sure if they were going to be used for creating it or another generic resort, but that’s the reason I inmediately thought about it. Yeah, the Gomorrah seems to share a resemblance with the Dunes, but I was wondering if the final model was developed later. After all, there are also 2 nif models of the Gomorrah.

      The when I read that it was a real life recreational area consisting in series of bleak hills and vehicle tracks I got confused. However, your image was very explanatory 😀

  2. Bobby says :

    I just watched the full Rezzed 2013 talk for the first time and I noticed something interesting. There’s a screenshot of what is clearly an early version of the Strip:

    1. Monorail station looks very different.

    2, Placement of roads, footpaths, plants etc. seems very different.when compared to release screenshots.

    3. Fully open like the E3 version.

    4. Concrete walls.

    Skip to 17:55 to see the early Strip screenshot.

    • majorsweep says :

      I actually have a scan of that screenshot, it was used in one of the New Vegas previews from 2010. It can be found here:

      Also, I found a video which displays quite a bit of The Strip prior to it being divided. It actually shows the monorail tracks placed within The Strip itself rather than in its own cell. The video can be found here: The monorail tracks can be seen from 0:35 to 0:45.

      • moburma says :

        Ahh, that youtube video is excellent. I previously thought that the only footage of the early strip was from the E3 footage, but this clearly shows loads of stuff. It’s interesting in that it has two of the scripted sequences running at once, and you can see how far back you used to be able to go behind the Tops. It actually IS the exact same layout as in the final game, and the longer roads and stuff are still present just cordoned off. I guess the left the extra space to the sides as room to expand if they had time for more content? I still don’t understand why they changed the look of the walls to the final junkwall ones, but it was obviously a very deliberate decision as it’s how they’re represented in everything including the intro FMV video. Also notice the paucity of NPCs in the video – perhaps this was another reason why it was split, to have more fluff characters to make it look busier?

        Another thing that’s always been odd to me is the addition of random junk piles in the out of bounds area. They were obviously not present in this rendition of the strip but are all over the place in the final game. you can’t even see most of them, and they don’t even look like anything – the few glimpses of them you can get just look like unfinished crap in a video game!

      • Bobby says :

        Did you see the concrete structure at strip entrance, between the wall and Gomorrah? In the released game there’s nothing there but some grass and plants.

        You can see it from 0:16 onwards in the released game’s intro video

      • Bobby says :

        Whoops, forgot to add that it’s visible in that video you linked to too.

  3. moburma says :

    Ahh that scanned picture is very interesting, and clearly shows the monorail really is a totally different structure. It must be extremely early as even the early video above has the finished monorail present. I’m still not sure about the “building” near gomorrah/the entrance; I think that is actually just the old McCarran style wall. In the final game that whole edge is just trimmed off by the junkwall.

    Also a really obvious thing I did not notice before (due to not having my speakers turned on!) – all the dialogue consists of placeholder lines recorded by the dev team! There are still a few remnants of this in the finished game like the weird Ed-E my Love line from the brotherhood guy where his last line is voiced by some random chinese dude! My pet theory is that a lot of the cut dialogue was never voiced by pro actors – in some cases possibly just due to time/mistakes. This might explain the removal of dialogue for characters like Alexus. Also notice that the drunken NCR troopers are heading FROM the monorail to the NCR embassy (or possibly the casinos). Why would they be drunk coming INTO the strip?

    Also the early video reveals something else interesting: Look closely at the back of the room around the 50 second mark and you can see the second exit from the Tops. you can also see it in more detail if you check the left of the screen around 1:14. Compare that to this image of the final game: The external entrance to this is still in the final game but you can’t get to it anymore. It must have been abandoned fairly early on as it would break the whole casino security idea.

    • moburma says :

      Oh also, I think the monorail lines in the video are the same as in the final game (they ARE present on the map, they’re just hard to see as the walls are closer and obscure them). I wonder if the really early version of the monorail had its internal area on the map proper, however?

      • majorsweep says :

        Oh, you’re right! I hadn’t noticed the monorail tracks behind the junk walls before. I thought the video might be showing the end of the boarding area along with the rest of the monorail, implying that the boarding area was placed within The Strip rather than in its own cell.

      • prodlimen says :

        Another passage of your post: “Another thing that’s always been odd to me is the addition of random junk piles in the out of bounds area. They were obviously not present in this rendition of the strip but are all over the place in the final game. you can’t even see most of them, and they don’t even look like anything – the few glimpses of them you can get just look like unfinished crap in a video game!”.

        The way I see it, when the developers realized that the Strip wasn’t going to be stable enough in the consoles and lower end PCs being one extensive worldspace and decided to split it in sections, they didn’t find another plausible way to justify the walls but to make all the place to look dilapidated. I’ve watched all the youtube videos you guys posted and the strip was incredibly majestic…the concrete walls really gave it the look of a VIP area, there wasn’t trash at all, there were areas with potential to host a modded building once the GECK was released…therefore, if there was enough space, how would you justify the presence of the billboard walls?.

        I suppose if they would have put concrete walls to divide the sections they would have looked out of place, apart from being a nuissance due to their thickness. The wall needed to be something thinner…the billboard walls were a good option, but they wouldn’t have matched the concrete style and would have looked as trash. On the other hand it’s supposed that Mr. House was in a rush to prepare the strip before the NCR would get there…the new dilapidated style and the way some buildings were butched/covered/divided by the walls (Lucky 38, Ultraluxe, Tops, Gomorrah) seemed to let the impression that there wasn’t time to build a concrete wall outside the strip, neither to clean all the exteriors and remove all the trash (upside down bus in front of the lucky 38). I wondered too why the area next to the tops was filled with debris instead of making something useful with it, but I think it was done on purpose to reinforce this idea of rushing to enclose what they can and at the same time making the billboard gates that divide the sections to look more fitting.

    • Bobby says :

      I did some exploring of my own around the strip a few months ago and I noticed some interesting stuff. You probably know all this already. There was a row of street lights behind Gomorrah/The Tops that seemed to line up with a cut street of some sort. Also behind Gomorrah was a lone watchtower like the ones dotting the Camp McCarran walls.

      Actually, as I’m on the subject of Camp McCarran: I’ve figured out that there was going to be another exterior entrance at the southern wall section leading to the area where the planes are. The trooper you can blame for the monorail bombing says that he’s “guarding the South Gate” and that the Fiends “never attack here.”

      From the outside two watchtowers located very close to each other sort of at the center of the southern wall. It was clearly where the cut gate was supposed to be located. Rather curiously, there’s only one watchtower there inside the walls!

      Something else I’m curious about is Rita’s Cafe.'s_Cafe

      It appears quite a lot in loading screens and can be seen on billboards but is never appears in-game strangely enough. I have a hunch it was intended that we would see it somewhere at some point, probably in New Vegas somewhere.

      Maybe even on the Strip?

      • majorsweep says :

        Perhaps the South Gate was cut along with the quest that would have you aid the Fiends in an attack on Camp McCarran? Launching an attack from the south and going through an area that is relatively unguarded makes more sense than going through the front and facing First Recon as well as a heap of NCR troopers.

  4. Bobby says :

    That was my first thought too.

  5. moburma says :

    That’s a really grear point I never thought of (re:Camp McCarran). I remember being somewhat confused when I first played the game and talked to that guy as there’s no obvious gate there, and I don’t think he even has any real important role in the game? I’m definitely going to look into that. I’m pretty sure the Fiends attack McCarran was going to be post-endgame, but perhaps you’d get that event to happen by bribing/killing him?

    • moburma says :

      Actaully I’m talking crap, you can kill him as part of the monorail quest, but still, the outside area is very interesting. If you look outside, there are actually soldiers flanking where the gate would be in the Geck (in the actual game you’d probably not notice this as they are usually running about fighting Fiends when you get to the area).

      I’m not sure about Rita’s Cafe, I just assumed it was a bit of pre-war fluff/world building rather than an actual place. Then again the billboard signs in the game are a little confusing as it’s often not clear if they are “modern” or pre-war leftovers (without checking I’m sure some reference post-war places/things).

      • Bobby says :

        Did the cut NCR sentry bot have anything to with the Fiend quest? Or is that simply wild speculation.

  6. moburma says :

    Well to be fair we really don’t know anything about what the Fiend quest would be, just that it would let the Fiends take over Camp McCarran. There’s really nothing of it left in the game besides the leftover dialogue to tlak to the Fiend bosses. The NCR sentry bot is just odd, it wasn’t there for anything other than decoration it seems. I might have been taken out as it looks a bit weird if it goes over rough terrain. Plus I guess the NCR are generally typified as being purely grunts on the groud without any kind of support from robots etc (the game trying to underline robots = mr House, much like the removed Sunset sass eyebot?).

    • Bobby says :

      Good point. A lone sentry bot patrolling Camp McCarran would have been rather odd.

      Is the chip dropped by the unique robobrain stationed at Ranger Station Delta mentioned in the cut content summary?

      It’s useless in-game and counts as a quest item, but at some point it was somehow connected to the Return To Sender quest.

      • moburma says :

        Wow, I didn’t know about that. I actually had seen that robot in the game and thought it was weird, but never actually killed it etc. Looking at it now, it’s interesting. It’s not clear what it is there for, but it has the AI package ‘DeltaPasonGBRM2KXPatrol’ (an aside, try googling for “DeltaPason” like I did and check the first result… yikes).

        Actually nevermind, this has unearthed a load of stuff that will need to be looked at in detail! Thanks!

  7. Bobby says :


    Pason is the name of the head ranger at Ranger station Delta:

    Delta refers to Ranger station Delta:

    The More You Know!

    • moburma says :

      Trust me, I’m already way ahead of you! Also I thought I turned off stupid moderation but it’s still asking me to approve comments

      • moburma says :

        I wrote up a little bit on Ranger station Delta and the mysterious robobrain. Be warned it’s pretty short and inconclusive, but I reckon there was some kind of quest involving it cut here (well duh). This is one of the things that is more likely to bear fruit – things that ARE in the game but are odd and have commented out scripting etc. The things in the code with zero uses (and therefore are completely unused and stick out like a sore thumb in the Geck ) are long since picked clean.

  8. Bobby says :

    There’s something interesting I just found on the Fallout wiki. All off the various types of powered “fists” in New Vegas ( Ballistic Fist, Zap Glove etc. ) all have their own PipBoy icons. Yet in-game they only use the basic Power Fist icon:

    Ballistic fist:

    Displacer glove:

    Zap glove:

    Kind of strange.

    • moburma says :

      That’s cool, probably just an oversight. Might restore that in Outside Bets, but have to careful it doesn’t mess with balance stuff like J Sawyer. Also reminds me, I haven’t really looked in the BSA files, mainly cos doing so is really tedious. I have looked in the past and there are LOADS of unused sound effects. I don’t think they’re really “cut” though, it looks like they just chucked everything they thought of possibly using in an area in there and never trimmed it back when the area was finished and the game shipped. Freeside has absolutely tons of sound effects for all kinds of background ambience (dogs barking, women screaming etc) that isn’t used, but there are way too many files for even a fraction of them to have possibly meant to have been in the game in some way.

      • moburma says :

        In fact, if anyone wants to test it out, here is a little esp that restores all the missing glove weapon icons as mentioned above:
        I’ll probably add this into the next version of outside bets (yep there will be such a thing! Soon!)

      • majorsweep says :

        Around this time last year you posted some images on the New Vegas Nexus displaying a secondary camp at Fortification Hill and a quest involving the Underpass. Will this content be included in the next Outside Bets update?

  9. moburma says :

    Underpass stuff was 95% new content made up by me so no, it won’t be part of Outside Bets, as the idea with that mod was to include stuff that was already in the game but removed/unfinished with the minimum of embellshment from myself (although naturally there is some).

    I’m not sure about the Fort stuff, it seemed like a good idea at the time, but there are serious problems with how to keep the player from getting out of bounds without putting massive great walls everywhere. It was also going to be part of something else I was making, but I have better ideas how to do that now. I supposed I could make it as just a fun little “upgrade” to the area with real tents and NPCs down there and slaves really travelling back and forth, but it’s just more overhead for little more than a gimmick.

    With Underpass I MAY release it (it’s faaar from finished), but it will be part of a bigger new original storyline/quest mod for the Legion. It will include a load of new locations and generally Legion related stuff. Don’t get too excited though, this is mostly just in my brain at the moment, and I started a new job a few weeks ago that leaves me about two hours each night to actually do anything (including stuff like eating my dinner and getting ready for the next day, let alone modding).

    I keep meaning to release a new Outside Bets and especially a new Freeside Open, I made some really good changes to that ages ago that should help a lot with performance that I keep meaning to release. I actually had it ready to go last weekend, but did something really stupid while distracted and now have to unpick it all from backups.

    I might release FSO today even, but I have a blade server sitting next to me I have to rebuild first.

    Oh, and I just noticed the above power fist icons thing is actually already in J Sawyer, doh. Well it’s up here if anyone wants it.

    • Bobby says :

      There was definitely a walled structure of some sort next to Gomorrah at one point.

      You an see it in the E3 demo.

      Note how The Tops is so much cleaner and less dilapidated than the retail game, with less peeling wallpaper and grime. Also the casino floor door is also present. Also the casino floor entrance door is present in this demo.

      • majorsweep says :

        I actually think Moburma is right, it’s just a wall. The type of wall is shown a few times in the video. It’s shown near Gomorrah (, of course, but it’s also shown next to the LVB Station ( I think these walls are used to cover the fact that both the LVB Station and Gomorrah only have a front and side.

      • Bobby says :

        Seems you’re right, I just watched the E3 demo again.

        I still think it’s strange how the casino interior was much more run-down in the retail game.

  10. J. Spoelstra says :

    Impressive work on finding all this cut content background information on Fallout: New Vegas, Moburma! It must have taken you a lot of dedication and research. As a bureaucrat of Wikia’s Fallout wiki, I would like to ask your permission to use it on our wiki. It’s the most visited Fallout encyclopedia around (1M visitors a day), so you would get optimal exposure for all your hard work. We will credit you for it of course. If you want, we can talk it over by e-mail. Hope you’re ok with it.

    • moburma says :

      Yeah sure, you can do what you like with this info, it’s all publically available after all. I get a kick out of finding all this stuff, so if it leads to others finding things I haven’t noticed (like in this very thread) it’s fine by me; it’s not like I’ve got some monopoly on digging stuff up. Just be careful when I’ve come to conclusions on things – they ain’t always right!

      • Bobby says :

        Dude, just put it up on The Vault instead. Wikia is a copy-cat wiki that exists because The Vault left to escape Wikia’s shitty way of operating.

        They’re desperate to have an edge over the original wiki, please don’t let them drag you in like this.

  11. moburma says :

    I didn’t know I was entering some lame internet pissing match. I’m not really bothered who prints this; it’s all publically available anyway. what I was really hoping for was for someone to integrate the more verifiable parts of it into a proper wiki environment, as god knows that is way better than some pathetic text document. I was thinking of doing it myself on the cutting room floor, but I don’t really have the time.

    • Bobby says :

      Fair enough.

      An interesting post has just popped up on reddit. This guy claims he was talking with Chris Avellone at Rezzed 2013.

      Apparently Victor, Benny & Vulpes Inculta were all intended as companions at one point.

      • majorsweep says :

        That’s really interesting. I’m assuming they would be the House, Independent and Legion variants of Boone. It makes sense actually, especially since Boone is the only companion who is overtly NCR. The others (with the exception of Lily and Raul) lean towards an Independent or NCR path, but aren’t as overt as Boone in their support.

  12. moburma says :

    Yeah this is great, thanks for pointing it out. One thing I should say though is that this must have been either thought of very early on, or alterantively very late on, as there is ZERO evidence of it in the game code. I mean there actually IS evidence for the cut ending to Benny where he ambushes him, so there really doesn’t seem to have been any intent to have him as a companion once the game was nearing completion. Vulpe Enculta as a companion would not only have been a perfect way to balance out the pro NCR bias, but would just plain have been AWESOME alround. I can imagine him loaded with loads of Cass style barks sniffly commenting on the disgusting degenerate lives of the “profligates” as you reach different locations.

    • Bobby says :

      Some people are claiming they had the companion wheel appear when they tried talking to Victor.

      • moburma says :

        It’s a bug/oversight present in early versions of the game. They made Victor a “teammate” during the period he helps you fight Cazadores etc as a simple way to make sure he is on your side. The side effect of this is that SetPlayerTeammate 1 also makes that NPC have the companion wheel as outlined above. This was commented out in later versions of the game because it was a bug/wrong use of a command, not because it is evidence of Victor being a companion, sadly.

    • prodlimen says :

      Hi moburma!. First of all, I’ve read all the content of your blod and tried out all your mods that are awesome, thanks for all this fantastic information about the game. Second, I would like to comment about the Ultraluxe model. Judging by all the videos and images of the original strip worldspace (without the junk walls) how wider it was and how some areas where reduced, I was thinking perhaps the Ultraluxe was included in the cut. You guys have pointed out the fact the monorail rails were present there, perhaps somehow accesible. Here you have some images of the Ultraluxes nif models:

      Original Model

      Model used in game

      What happened with the black building behind the Ultraluxe?. Odding enough, it’s located in the same area where the Monorail rails where displayed, which also ahppens to be in the same area where lays the other half of the Lucky 38. I think when the strip got reduced they made that area inaccesible and same as they blocked the entrance to the other tops door (the one that you mentioned was located behind where Benny stands when you didn’t met him). In the videos that you guys have posted there wasn’t an approach to those areas and perhpas that’s whay the model passed unnoticed. I would like to ask you moburma if you’ve found something related to this in the games codding. Perhaps there were plans to have a private courtyard for the Ultraluxe?.

      Third, I’m working in a mod that will try to get Freeside & the Strip to look closer to their original look in real life Old Vegas/the all roads comic, and would like to ask for your permission to mod both Uncut Freeside and Strip Open. I tried to contact you in the nexus page via PM but it seems your inbox is full, therefore I decided to try luck here. May I have a private conversation with your with respect to it?.

      Here you have a little teaser about one of the new resorts:
      Hotel Apache

      Thanks for your attention, and would like to keep discussing about this awesome cut stuff. It’s really a shame the Strip original design didn’t make it to the game :D.

      Greetings ;D

  13. prodlimen says :

    Ah, here I have another one. What do you think about the Villa Test Scol included in the games files?.

    The concrete road made me think it could have been considered to be part of the Strip, perhaps as another resort?. Just a little guess, when I found this treasure in the game files I thought it was ironic we had all the time a great piece of Dead Money DLC in our nose and we didn’t know 😀

  14. prodlimen says :

    First I’ll refer to a little passage of your article:

    “As with Freeside this area was supposed to be one large worldspace. Again, problems with framerate and memory occurred as long open areas leave nowhere to hide NPCs and result in frame rate crippling draw distances. The original iteration can be seen in the E3 preview video, and most tantalisingly a slightly later iteration of the same version in the early play through presentation with J E Sawyer. It’s also apparent from this that the area would have extended further sideways, probably with a second row of casinos etc. This was likely cut when it was clear that getting the content present in the final game running would be difficult enough”.

    Could it be possible that this second row of casinos were the ones that appeared in the All Roads Comic?. Dice Casino, Global Hotel, Cassino, Irxs, Pig, 070?

    They could have looked like this:

    I understand that in the case of japanese anime, the manga (comic) is the first material that is created and if it gets a lot of popularity, then an anime (tv cartoon) is done. Very often what appears in the anime somehow differs from the original story in the manga. In the case of Fallout New Vegas the comic could be considered as sort of concept art for the story, same as all Adam Adamowicz sketches. What do you think?.

    • moburma says :

      Hi, I’ve risen from my grave. First of all, yep you, or indeed anyone else out there can 100% use anything I’ve made without my permission. I’d like a mention if possible, but whatever. I started a really time consuming and soul destroying job about a year ago and don’t have time for any actually fun stuff, so anyone out there reading wants to use my terrible code,, have at it and make some cool things for people (assuming anyone actually wants my work, last I checked it seems everyone and their dog was blaming me for ruining their game/whole life).

      I’m 99% sure the All Roads stuff was just artistic licence by the comic artists – after all what is in the videogame (limited by technology) is hardly the bustling capital of hedonism that you can represent with pencils. I don’t think any of this is meant to be in the game nor is it canon. Hence the crappy generic names (“Dice casino”? How original!).

      The Ultraluxe model is really interesting, as is the Villa test. I’m pretty sure the latter is a straight up part of Dead Money – don’t forget we have the ingenius Abraham and Monte dialogue lines that were actually stealth parts of Dead Money – there were DEFINITELY parts of that DLC not only planned but actually IMPLEMENTED in vanilla FMV, so that model is likely no exception. I really don’t think it was ever going to be part of the strip (I think this is people applying mod ideas retroactively to odd parts of the game). I don’t think they even had any more ideas for other parts of the strip (well, they probably did, but they definitely didn’t start implementing them), stuff like the side roads are just dead ends trailing off into nothing rather than the key to some amazing second road of content.

      As an aside, anyone looking for new stuff I’ve missed should check the models and stuff like sound effects. The former in particular I never even began to look at (never been into 3d modelling) and there’s no doubt lots of interesting stuff in there. The only other things I can think of are trolling the actual verified in use game scripts for commented out/unused stuff, and the end game battle stuff, I never got time to get to the bottom of that, and there is a LOT of weird and aborted stuff in there.

      oh Fallout New Vegas, I had so many fun plans for you, but I guess they will never happen now. Anyone want to give me a job that doesn’t suck working on game stuff like this? No? it was worth a try.

      I’ll have to see what happened to Alpha Protocol too. I was talking to that guy who made that Unreal Tournament editor program, and basically it should have opened the door for crude but real editing of that game thus the potential of fixing some of the janky badness of it. It never quite worked right the last time I looked at it, but it might be working now.

      • Ekans McChan (@sommenrider) says :

        Would you be able to reupload the cut content mods that were exclusive to this blog?

      • TJ says :

        Just want to say – I want your work, moburma. I think the things you’ve done were pretty brilliant and restored a lot of missing content. Some of the members of the Tale of Two Wastelands team feel the same way, if not all of us. You ever get the chance to get back into modding do stop by our website – We’d be happy to have you.

  15. moburma says :

    Sure, I just need to find what the hell I did with those files first..

  16. moburma says :

    Hi TJ, thanks. You can use all my stuff if you want in your mods, just beware of the bugs/general bad code etc!

    In other news I found some new stuff I might restore thanks to the detectice work of Mammal at the Cutting Room Floor, so I might even update some of my old mods…. I’ve also been digging out some of the stuff I got working before that can’t be meaningfully restored.

    A good example is this mod:

    This lets you see roughly what would happen as part of the original plot for Black Mountain. With this mod Accessing any of the radar control panels at MB will trigger the placeholder message boxes for the draft dialogue and then trigger the abandoned dish explosion scripting.

    To use it just stick it in your load order, go to Black Mountain and activate any of the four control panels on the radar platform thing. I recommend the one that faces the buildings as the radar dish that blows up is directly in front of you then.

    This can’t be restored back into the game as the context surrounding it (not to mention the voiced dialogue) has been removed. The first few message boxes are actually something to do with accessing the controls/door in the radio station room rather than the Radar dish controls, so it seems this had to be done first originally?

    Another neat thing is that the wrecked radar dish is forever embedded in the ground below once it is blown up.

    There are a couple more like these I made ages ago, including restoring the Lucky 38 lock down sequence, and poisoning the legion’s dogs that don’t/can’t really work in the full game but might be neat to see. I might also make short Youtube Videos of them.

    • Mohamed2001 says :

      Hey there!

      Good to see you back. I’ll try that dish thingy. Are you sure it was supposed to be a NCR quest though? I read somewhere [can’t remember, sadly] that the New Vegas Treaty banned any NCR radios in the Mojave area.

      I can’t wait to see the rest of your plugins. I love your uncut mods. Would love an update to the old ones on the Nexus too.

      • moburma says :

        The rumour I heard regarding Black Mountain (and this is somewhat backed up by the old script remnants) was that there would be a main quest event here, to capture the radar dishes for whatever faction you were loyal to (there are already several dead NCR troops here/intended to be here but disabled). This seems to have been cut very early and it quickly became merely a side quest area to get Raul.

        Put it this way – the above arc for the area was present so early in development they hadn’t even decided on Tabitha’s name when it was cut.

        I actually would like to update my old mods. I have some cool new things to add to Outside Bets, and shitloads of bugs to fix. My little sister started playing F:NV recently and it was embarrassing to watch her discover huge amounts of bugs with stuff I’d added to the game that I personally never saw once over 5 playthroughs and weeks of testing.

        I’m not even going to pretend it will happen soon, but i’ve got a new less gruelling job now and would like to get back in the saddle again.

  17. Mohamed2001 says :

    Oh, that might explain it. And the New Vegas Treaty thingy would be a cover-up for the fact that there are no radios due to this quest being cut. I know there was one trooper, who would be killed due to that huge rock, didn’t know there would be others. Is there evidence in the script to suggest that there would be a successful way to complete the quest? (Not getting the Dish blown up)

    Can’t wait to see your new stuff if you get on to working on your old mods. Good to hear you got a less painful job too!

    Oh, and, if you need any help with beta/bug testing, just ask!

    • Mohamed2001 says :

      Oh, forgot.. why do you think was this scene cut? It’s from Outside Bets.

      • moburma says :

        There’s absolutely nothing left to explain what would happen on the Black Mountain quest, just that special effects set piece and the leftover radio messages. The cut note explains there are more NCR troopers, and there actually are other NPCs created for this purpose. Remember that dead NCR dude in the Legate’s tent at the end where the game implies he was just beheaded? He was actually an NPC created for Black Mountain!

        The mass grave thing I think was actually going to be a post-endgame event. Most of the only PEG stuff left in the game is around that area – the events at Forlorn Hope and Helios One. I’m still not sure what would make the Casadores spawn as there are special NCR survivor NPCs if the Legion defeat the camp but unfortunately they never recorded any dialogue for them.

      • Mohamed2001 says :

        I think the cazadores would spawn due to the dead body smell. There’s a cazadore nest nearby, so they would move.

      • Mohamed2001 says :

        Another thing, did you look in non-English variants of Fallout NV? I heard that they have some cut content inside. Like, Koch and Bohr inside the French game, etc.

  18. moburma says :

    Yeah, there’s very little that is different. In the French version Wolfhorn Ranch is called Ulysees’ camp. I didn’t even see any leftover strings different other versions. The Koch and Bohr thing isn’t true. The guy who posted that was using some French made “fix” mod and the person making it had included my koch and bohr mod in it! They are not in the French game at all.

    • Mohamed2001 says :

      Oh, nevermind then.

      How many effort would it take to restore all of the PEG content? Just curious.

      • moburma says :

        Not that much, actually. Most of it already works straight off – lots of characters have short bits of PEG dialogue.

        The harder stuff is Brotherhood controlled Helios One, Securitrons patrolling Freeside if a House victory, and possibly a few more little bits I can’t think of. Also you need to clear up all the dam battle stuff. I started a mod to do this ages ago, but never got that much done.

        Sadly there’s just not much of it.

      • Mohamed2001 says :

        Aside from the Securitrons and Sgt Reyes, who else has PEG dialogue?

        And why is BoS controlled Helios One and Securitrons patrolling Freeside hard? You can add the BoS manually in HO, but Securitrons will need new packages I think.

  19. moburma says :

    Dialogue – see here:

    I realise I’ve never mentioned it, but I consider the work on The Cutting Room Floor as an essential companion piece to my findings. I deliberately ignored a lot of stuff on there as they had already well documented many things (e.g. cut creatures).

    Adding new stuff: It’s not “hard” it just takes time to get it going. What is actually harder is cleaning up the stuff that was there, removing all the existing NPCs for that area. What concerns me is the impact it will have on other mods. You end up breaking a lot of other stuff due to the number of npcs that need to be touched just to add a simple disabler.

  20. TJ says :

    Moburma if you do get back into modding please do stop by our website at Myself and another team member are about to start fixing bugs we’ve found, and our team lead is working on a tool that will make it easy for a group of people to work on the same plugin without overwriting each other’s work. If you’re interested stop by and we’ll get an SVN/ Git repo set up. Also for a Fallout fan TTW pretty much sells itself.

    • TJ says :

      In an update on my previous post – I’ve started work on your mods. I’ve also gotten in touch with the guy you were collaborated with on Strip Open and he says it’s ok with him if I continue working on that as well. My plan is to condense your work into 2 mods: One using Outside Bets as a base, and the other using FSO. Everything not centered on The New Vegas area will go into the Outside Bets mod, with everything else going into the other. Additionally I think I’m close to ready for a full release of the first of the two (several members of the TTW community are testing it for me for the sake of having more eyes on the mod to find bugs.) You can get in touch with me via email or at TTW if you’d like to collaborate or host the upload on your Outside Bets page on Nexus.

  21. trainsoftomorrow says :

    I was watching the New Vegas E3 trailer and noticed something interesting. The NCR encampment at Primm is depicted in the trailer, and it looks entirely different. The layout is completely different from what we see in the released New Vegas and there are NCR Rangers present. A screenshot of the particular part of the trailer that displays this can be found here:

    Perhaps this gives some insight into what pre-release Primm may have looked like? There are a few other interesting little things in the trailer. For example, Goodsprings also looks slightly different (there are mannequins in front of Chet’s store among other things.)

    • trainsoftomorrow says :

      Another interesting trailer tidbit! McCarran style watch towers can been from Freeside ( It seems the McCarran style walls once extended around Freeside as well as the Strip.

      • moburma says :

        Good stuff, I must admit I’ve not paid as much attention to those old trailers as I should have.

        I just literally this minute discovered the inspiration for Billy Knight; He’s heavily based on Henry Youngman (

        There’s an obscure album of his comedy called “Take My Album – please!” that not only has him introduced as the “king of the one liners,” but more pertinently he tells the exact same “head of cattle [brahmin]” gag as in FOV, and as per wikipedia ( was the originator of the “take my wife… please!” gag also exhibited in FOV.

      • trainsoftomorrow says :

        Interesting stuff regarding Billy Knight. I wonder what other characters (excluding the obvious ones, like the Kings) are based on real people or even fictional characters. I know Josh Sawyer said Caesar was partly inspired by Kurtz from Heart of Darkness. Speaking of Caesar, I was reading the above comments and noticed you said you were in the process of creating a Legion mod. I don’t know if you’re still doing that, because the comment was posted about a year ago. However, I know that many, myself included, would be incredibly interested in such a mod. The Legion is sadly lacking in content.

  22. JStephen says :

    Did you abandon what you were working on?

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